Ring Size Guide

 Internal Diameter (mm) Inside Circumference (mm) US
15.7mm 49.3mm 5
16.1mm 50.6mm 5.5
16.5mm 51.9mm 6
16.9mm 53.2mm 6.5
17.3mm 54.4mm 7
17.6mm 55.7mm 7.5
18.1mm 57.0mm 8
18.6mm 58.3mm 8.5
19.0mm 59.5mm 9
19.4mm 60.8mm 9.5
19.8mm 62.1mm 10
20.2mm 63.4mm 10.5
20.6mm 64.6mm 11
21.0mm 64.9mm 11.5
21.4mm 65.2mm 12
21.8mm 65.5mm 12.5
22.2mm 65.8mm 13


How To Measure Your Finger

You'll need:

1. Strip of paper, approximately 10mm wide and 100mm long.
2. Pen or Marker
3. Measuring tape or ruler




Step 1

Wrap the strip of paper around the base of the finger you intend to wear the ring on. It should feel snug, but comfortable enough to fit over your knuckle.



Step 2

Mark the points where each end of the paper meets.


Step 3

On a flat surface, measure the length between the two points in millimeters. This measurement is your ring size.



1. Your fingers will be at their smallest when cold and they tend to swell when hot. We recommend you measure your finger when your hands are a comfortable temperature - not too hot and not too cold.
2. For accuracy, we suggest you take this measurement at least twice.
3. Measure the largest finger you intend to wear the ring on.
4. If the measurement seems to be between two sizes, we suggest you opt for the larger of the two.
5. If your knuckle is much bigger than the base of your finger, measure both and go for a size between the two measurements.